July 21, 2017

Above: The alter carving "Baptism of Christ and scenes from his life", 1250-1260.

1 shows a carving from Liege "The Virgin and the Child Enthroned", 1220-1230.

2 is a rare surviving wooden carving, of Christ Jesus being crucified, from Auvergne around 1200.

3 is a room in the Hôtel de Cluny which houses the works in the museum.

4 shows a Processional Cross from the 1300's.

5 is stained glass of Christ carrying the cross.

6 shows a wall hanging tapestry from Brussels from around 1500, part of 23 scenes from the legend of St. Etienne.

7 to 9 are from the chapel in the Hôtel de Cluny.

10 is a wooden carving of St. John the Baptist, from Sienna 1370-1390.

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