July 26, 2017

Above: The New Brunswick, one of many house boats moored along the Seine River.

1 shows Stewy, Debra and Al ready to go on the cruise along the Seine River, a three hour tour. OK, only just under one hour, and no shipwreck. No Ginger, no MaryAnne.

2 is that Eiffel Tower. Again.

3 is the Académie Française, the pre-eminent French council for matters pertaining to the French language, established Cardinal Richelieu under King Louis XIIIs.

4, 6 and 9 show Parisiens relaxing along the Seine River ... in the rain.

5 and 8 show the Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral.

7 is one of the few buildings (I didn't see any others) that exist along the walkways down along the Seine River.

10 and 11 are Debra and Al enjoying the cruise.

12 is the Pont de Passy bridge, just past the Eiffel Tower.

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