July 2011

One of many canals that form a horseshoe-shaped ring from the train station area towards the interior of the country

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You might think leaning buildings would be a problem, but there are hundreds in Amsterdam that lean left or right, and even lean forward over walkways and canals

The Anne Frank House Museum, where Anne wrote her diary, and lived with her family, and another family, hidden in the upper rooms, being as silent as possible. They stayed there for 2 years until someone ratted them out in 1944. Only one family member, Anne's father, survived in the concentration camps.

The central district of Amsterdam near de Nieuwe Kerk

An old billboard for Heineken

Dr. J assisted in moving the beverage crates

Stained glass in the kettle rooms, where the beer is brewed. Classy place.

The pouring room, where the specialist explain the fine art of pouring, strictly for educational purposes

Heineken tap where the beer is stored and poured at 0 degrees Celcius

Homes along the canal
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