July 2011

Implements used by millers at the last remaining Leiden windmill at the Windmill museum. Windmills have been used to create power to help drain fields, as much of The Netherlands sits below sea level.
Many in Holland have been used for industrial purposes, to create power for such things a grinding grain, as this windmill was used for.

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A couple of windmills in the farmers fields, originally used for drainage. Most windmills are no longer in use, and there is less than 1000 left in The Netherlands.

The Leiden Windmill

The windmill living room

The windmill kitchen

A view of Leiden from the windmill

A view through the windmill wheel

Internal wheels with teeth all made of oak wood, would turn with the windmill blades moved by the wind, and power the stone wheels below

Tools used by the miller to make flour

Carvings outside the Stedelijk Museum

Along the Leiden canal

The harbour of Leiden

Farming in lush, flat Holland

Another windmill in a town on the train ride back from Leiden
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