July 2011

The Amstel canal near the Heineken Brewery

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A young couple enjoys lunch over a canal

A draw bridge over the main Amster canal, allowing the occasional larger boats through

A cafe table dedicated to the weak Electric Light Orchestra album Discovery

Rembrandt scowls over the Rembrandt Square

This is the last remaining windmill in Leiden, built in 1743. It is now a the Molenmuseum de Valk, demonstrating life within a windmill, and their historical uses.

Leiden Windmill

Flowers in the windmill garden

The dining room in the Windmill where the miller and his family would dine

Looking up the windmill at the arms, called blades or sails

The wheel used to move the windmill blades around to catch the wind

Large stone wheel would grind grain against another stone wheel to produce flour

The shaft up the windmill, connected to the blades outside, which would power the wheels below

A view from the windmill
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