July 2011

A side chapel alter carving in de Nieuwe Kirk Amsterdam

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Sint Nicolaaskirk (St. Nicholas) Roman Catholic Church, built in the 1800's, across from the train station

Inside St. Nicholas Church

Interior statue in St. Nicholas

Statue of St. Nicholas, patron saint of children, seamen
and the hungry

Stained glass panel in St. Nicholas

The alter in St. Nicholas

Walking towards Dam Square

Homes right on the canal

Cheese shop selling the dairy product by the quite large wheel

Unicyclist entertains in Dam Square

Stained glass in de Nieuwe Kirk Amsterdam

A more modern designed stained glass window in de Nieuwe Kirk Amsterdam, seemingly of mushrooms and amoeba, perhaps in recognition and celebration of evolution, and possibly an inspiration for The Tree Of Life. Or not.

Pipe organ is uniquely covered by painted awnings in de Nieuwe Kirk Amsterdam
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