July 2011

Dr. J was fortunate enough to take a trip in late July and early August to Munich, Salzburg, Amsterdam and Paris.
Here are some pictures from four days in Amsterdam, and smaller cities Leiden and Haarlem.

De Nieuwe Kerk Amsterdam, translates as the new church of Amsterdam, part of the Dutch Reformed Protestant Church. And it's not that new - it was built in the early 1400's.

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Leaving the Amsterdam train station

The interior of Sint Nicolaaskirk (The Church of St. Nicholas), on the canal by the train station

The Marx Brothers approved coffee shop. You'll notice in the lower left corner a no smoking sign. So, one is allowed to smoke pot, but not smoke cigarettes? Are they are drugs? Ooops, stupid question.

The Oudezijds Canal by the Oude Kerk Cathedral, the old church of Amsterdam built by the early 1300's

The Oudezijds Canal

Street performers in Dam Square

de Nieuwe Kerk Amsterdam by Dam Square

Detail of the Choir Gate in de Nieuwe Kerk Amsterdam

The Choir Gate in de Nieuwe Kerk Amsterdam

Many people have been buried in the floor of de Nieuwe Kerk, with this headstone, or is it floorstone, from 1675

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