August 2011

Art nouveau Metro sign at Anvers station

Touch a number to see a picture

Sacré-Coeur from the amusement park entrance

Sacré-Coeur again

Street performing soccer player

Inside Sacré-Coeur

Gold lined ceiling painting in Sacré-Coeur

Anvers Metropolitain station

Young lady braves crazy French traffic for picture in front of the Arc de Triomphe

Looking at the ceiling of the Arc

Le Départ de 1792 (or La Marseillaise), by François Rude, one of four large sculptures on the front and back of the Arc

Le Triomphe de 1810, by Jean-Pierre Cortot

La Résistance de 1814, by Antoine Étex, the first of two of the four on the back of the Arc

La Paix (Peace) de 1815, by Antoine Étex
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