August 2011

On the Île de la Cité, the Palais de Justice built in front of it, is La Sainte-Chapelle, Louis IX's chapel completed in 1248, reputed to house a portion of Christ's Crown of Thorns.
It's walls are almost completely stained glass, and this is the center of the back wall.

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La Sainte-Chapelle, or The Holy Chapel, built as a place for some of Christianity's Holy Relics owned by the King

Entrance chapel of Sainte-Chapelle

Main chapel in Sainte-Chapelle, completey surrounded by stained glass windows

Alter of La Sainte-Chapelle

Stained glass on the north side of the chapel

Exquisite wall painting on the back of the chapel

Close-up of stained glass panels

Close-up of stained glass at the back of the chapel

Dr. J on the Palais de Justice steps, which is in front of Sainte-Chapelle

Notre Dame from the Pont de l'Archevêché, an arch bridge constructed in 1828, and now the home of locks placed by romantic couples from around the world

Lots of locks

Cathedrale Notre Dame

A perfect all-weather bicycle to bike around the city
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