August 2011

Detailed sculpture carvings above a door to Cathedrale Notre Dame de Paris (Our Lady of Paris)

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Notre Dame was built from 1163 into the 1240's, and only fully completed by 1350. It replaced, at the time, Saint-Germain-des-Prés in the Latin Quartier as the predominant Catholic center in Paris

Detail on top of the middle front entrance of Notre Dame

Six sculptures on the left of the front middle door entrance

Six sculptures on the right of the front middle door entrance

Inside Notre Dame at night. If you wish to see more interior and roof pictures from Notre Dame, check out my 2008 pictures:
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Notre Dame as seen from below on the walkway along the Seine River

Music along the Seine

St. Julien le Pauvre park, between Notre Dame and Place St. Michel

Shakespeare and Company, an English bookstore often seen in movies, included Before Sunset and the recent Midnight in Paris

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