July 14, 2017

Above: The Terrace of the Lions, also dedicated to Apollo by the people of Naxos shortly before 600 B.C., had originally nine to twelve squatting, protecting the Sacred Way. The originals left are preserved in the Delos Museum, and the five left on the Terrace are copies.

1 is the Agora of the Italians.

2 to 5 show the Terrace of the Lions.

6 is the Establishment of the Poseidoniasts from Beirut.

7 shows many of the gold and jewels found in the Insula of the Jewels, in the treasuries area.

8 is the Lake House, owned by two generations by the same family but burned down in 69 B.C.

9 is the Lake Agora beside the Sacred Lake

10 is an example of the wall at the back of the Lake Palaestra, a series of homes near the Sacred Lake.

11 and 12 is a fresco and a mosaic in the museum, taken from homes in Delos.

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