July 24, 2013

Above: The Feast at the House of Simon, by Paolo Veronese, who also painted the largest painting that exists in the Louvre

Above: The Kiss, by Francesco Hayez

Above: A Sad Premonition, by Gerolamo Induno (notice a black and white of Hayez' "The Kiss" on the wall)
The young lady, recently married, is worried for the safety of her husband in Garibaldi's war to re-unite all of Italy

Above: Dead Christ Supported by the Madonna and Saint John

Above: Death of Cleopatra, by Guido Cagnacci

Above: Christ at the Column, by Donato Bramante

Above: Supper at Emmaus, by Caravaggio

Above: St. Sebastien, by Dosso Dossi

Above: Lamentation of the Dead Christ, by Andrea Mantegna

Above: Marriage of the Virgin, by Raffaelo

Above: The Last Supper, by Peter Paul Rubens

Above: Finding the Body of St. Mark, by Jacopo Tintoretto

Above: Portrait of Count Antonio Porcia, by Titian

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