July 24, 2013

On my final day in the Milano area, I toured the historic Milano Duomo (Cathedral of Santa Maria Nascente), the Pinacoteca di Brera art museum featuring a large collection of Italian paintings, and the Santa Maria delle Grazie (Holy Mary of Grace) Church, which houses the famous Last Supper by Leonardo di Vinci.

Above: Detail of the sculpture carvings on the Milano Duomo (Cathedral of Santa Maria Nascente), the 5th largest cathedral in the world, 2nd in Europe to St. Peter's in Rome. Work began in 1386, and it took 6 centuries to complete, with the last details completed in the 20th century.

Picture 1, 2 and 10 are views of the Duomo
Pictures 3 to 7 are four views of the quite excellent sculptures carved into the front of the Duomo
Pictures 8 and 9 are shots of the Duomo's ornately carved middle front entrance door

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