July 19, 2015

Day 4 was spent back in Madrid, with three key events. First, a tour of the Spanish Royal Palace, still the official residence of the Spanish Royal family and King Felipe (Phillip) IV, although the family lives in a more modest palace on the outskirts of Madrid, and reserves this palace for state ceremonies. Second, a walk through the old city to the Reina Sofia Museum, a museum of modern art, including a good number of Picassos and works by Salvador Dali. Third, a night at the bullfights, which are posted in a separate section.

Above: The front of the Spanish Royal Palace.

Below: Pictures 1 to 3 is from the Plaza de Oriente gardens, just east of the Royal Palace.
Picture 4 is the Almudena Cathedral beside the Royal Palace.
Pictures 5 to 11 feature the Palace Lobby and Grand Stairs into the Palace, including the beautiful fresco on the ceiling.

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