1000 Island Cruise to Boldt Castle
August 2010

The St. Lawrence River 1000 Islands Cruise is a five hour trip leaves Gananoque, Ontario and takes in the Islands in U.S. waters, arriving at Boldt Castle after about an hour and a half. Situated on Heart Island (renamed by New York City's Waldorf-Astoria hotel owner George Boldt from Hart Island), the castle was a "monument of love" to his wife Louise. Started in 1900, the 127 room castle was abruptly stopped in 1904 when Louise died suddenly and unexpectedly. All work was ordered stopped immediately, and George never set foot on the island again, and the castle stood unfinished until 1977. After George`s death in 1916, the island was opened to the public, but it was continually vandalized and deteriorated until 1977, when people in the area formed the Thousand Islands Bridge Authority takes it over to restore it. Over half the rooms of the Castle have been restored in the style of the early 1900's, and work continues with a lot of it donated time by local trades and crafts people. After a couple of hours on the island, it's another hour and a quarter trip back through Canadian waters to Gananoque. Enjoy the views.
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