July 22, 2015

Below: Pictures 1 to 10 shows views and the many statues and carving on the trail to the Santa Cova chapel.

Legend has it that the image of the Mother of God was found at Santa Cova (cave). This was first referred to in text dating back to 1239. This text states that in 880 on a Saturday, close to dusk time there were some shepherd children who saw what is known as a 'great light' fall from the sky. The Saturday after the occurrence, the shepherd children returned to the mountain with their parents. The vision occurred for the second time. This continued happening for the four following Saturdays. News travelled and the bishop of Manresa heard about the occurrences. He organised a trip to visit the mountain on a Saturday. During the trip the bishop of Manresa and the people who were with him saw the image of the Virgin Mary in a cave.
The Black Madonna statue was found later in the 12th century.

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