July 26, 2012

Above: Sunset in Lahaina, and the island of Lanai on the left.

Below: Picture 1 and 2 are views from Betty's Cafe, a reasonably priced place for food and Mai Tais.
Picture 3 is inside Holy Innocents Church, on the beach in Lahaina.
Picture 4 and 5 show wooden carvings done by native Hawaiians.
Pictures 6 through 8 are posing and swinging in the world's 2nd largest Banyan Tree in Lahaina's main square.
Picture 9 and 10 show sunset from Lahaina.
Picture 11 and 12 are parrots ready to pose with tourists.
Picture 13 is inside an ABC store, and the many preparations of Macadamia nuts one can buy.

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