Santorini (Thira)
July 17, 2017

Above: Triangle square contains several buildings and the well-to-do West House, where the complex frieze seen earlier came from.

1 is a closeup of the jugs found in the Pithoi building.

2 to 4 are examples of frescos found in the House of the Ladies.

5 and 6 show a 3rd floor toilet area with pipe that went down to the first floor and below in the West House.

7 and 8 are from the West House, and a staircase nearby.

9 and 10 are frescos found in the West House, the boxers (complete with boxing gloves) and the fisherman.

10 and 11 are descriptions of the earliest settlement on Thira (Santorini Island) in the 5th millenimum B.C. (6000 to 7000 years ago), and life around 1700 B.C.
It also explains that the coastline was 100 metres out from where it currently is, and part of the original settlement is underwater - some speculate Plato's Atlantis
was based on this even though his book placed it in the midde of the Atlantic Ocean.

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