July 2011

An interesting clock on the face of Hellbrun Palace. It was named for the "Clear Spring" beside it, and not the place where bad people go.

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Mirabell gardens in the morning

The fountain of Mirabell gardens

The entrance to Mirabell gardens

Statue fountain in the waterpark of Hellbrun

A minature, still-working mechanical toy depicting a baker, in the waterpark

The wife moves the wheel to sharpen the husbands blade, while the child spews water, like in the restaurant scene of The Meaning of Life, only nice to look at

The final minature depicts a pottery maker at work

Nepture fountain in the waterpark

A water statue in Hellbrun Gardens

The statue of Empress Elisabeth, sculpted by Edmund von Hellmer, in the gardens

A water statue in gardens

Water pump originally used to pump water in the waterpark

The ceiling of the music room in Hellbrun Palace
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