July 2011

A view of the beautiful scenery from Mondsee

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Cable car station to the Untersberg Mountain

The town of Grodig at the base of the Untersberg, about 8 km. from Salzburg

The Salzburg valley

Looking up at the cables, which we sincerely hoped would not break

Oncoming cable car, which comes down as our car goes up

Cloud cover near the top of the mountain

A view from the top of the Untersberg

Another view from the top of the Untersberg

Dr. J taking a brief rest in the grass

A view on the mountain

In the upper right, a native who lives on the mountain, maybe an elk?, who is almost double the distance away as it appears in the picture

The native spots Dr. J

The native chooses to exit the area

The cross is the highest point on the Untersberg Mountain, the next destination
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