July 2011

The ceiling in the main ballroom of the Salzburg Residenz

Touch a number to see a picture

Dr. J with backpack and camera daypack in his hotel room

Japanese tourists don't care about rain - they get the perfect picture

The fountain, and horses and carriages in Residenz square

Ornate statue inside the Residenz art display room

The ceiling inside the Residenz art display room

Magnificent hand crafted chest of drawers for the Archbishop's bedroom

Some tourist in the hall mirror

In the Residenzgalerie, Likeness of a Girl, by Austrian
artist Friedrich Amerling

In the Residenzgalerie, Children at the Window, by
Austrian painter Ferdinand Wardmuller

Inside Salzburg Cathedral

Chapel inside the Salzburg Cathedral

Main alter inside the Cathedral

Gold statue of Mary and Jesus

Another chapel inside the Cathedral

Wall art inside the Cathedral
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