July 2011

Dr. J was fortunate enough to take a trip in late July and early August to Munich, Salzburg, Amsterdam and Paris.
Here are some pictures from three days in Salzburg.

Entering Salzburg by train over the Salzach River. Salzburg translates as "Salt City", for the plentiful salt that has been mined in the area over the centuries.

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Dr. J's Mercure hotel room, with musically themed carpet

Mirabell Gardens, situated across the river from the old town

Mirabell Gardens

Salzburg Residenz square, with a bit of rain and mist. The Residenz (Residence) is for the Archbishop who ruled Salzburg as a Catholic City State.

Inside the Salzburg Residenz, the music concert room

Detail of the ceiling inside the Salzburg Residenz music concert room

The meeting room

Detail of the ceiling inside the meeting room

A ceiling in the Residenz

The Residenz great hall
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