Trip to Europe: Prague
July 2010

Next we take a road trip to the Terezin Prison. The town of Terezin became a Jewish ghetto, where all the residents were shipped out, and Jews from Prague and other parts of Czechoslovakia lived in the town in very cramped quarters. This Terezin Prison was used prior to World War II to house prisoners in harsh conditions, but during World War II it was used to house political prisoners of the Nazis, including Jews from the Terezin ghetto who transgressed usually minor rules. There were no gas chambers at Terezin prison, but over 35000 died in the ghetto because of the extremely cramped conditions, and lack of food and mediciine, and even more died after being sent to concentration camps such as Auschwitz and Treblinka. Of note are pictures two to four of the cemetery outside the prison of some Jewish prisoners who died at Terezin, and the courtyard in picture eight where new arrivals were made to stand, and die of exposure, for sometimes for four days straight
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