July 24, 2017

Above: "The Sabine Women stop the War between the Romans and the Sabins" by Jacques-Louis David, 1799.

1 feature Al and Deb in the doorway to nowhere.

2 and 3 shows Michelangelo's "Dying Slaves", 1513.

4 and 5 are detail from "Amor and Psyche" by Antonio Canova, 1793

6 and 10 show more of the ornate decoration of walls and ceiling, with plentiful frescoes and marble.
7 is the jewel-studded crown of Louis XV, in the Apollo Gallery.

8 show the gardens on the southeast side of the Louvre.

9 is "Portrait of Madame Isaac Cuthbert", by Thomas Lawrence, 1816-1817.

11 shows a nicely carved and massive urn.

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