July 28, 2016

Above: Inside the Sacré-Cœur Basilica, looking up at another magnificent tile mosaic. The sign at the front still says no pictures should be taken inside, but for the first time since I've visited no one was enforcing that edict.

Below: Pictures 1 and 2 are two more modern art styled stained glass windows in the sides of the church.
Picture 3 shows the statue of King St. Louis IX on horseback.
Picture 4 shows a side-front view looking eastward.

Pictures 5 and 6 are stained glass as you walk in or exit the Basilica. In #5 is St. Gertrude
and St. Jean Eudes, in #6, St. Margaret Mary Alocoque and Blessed Claude La Colombiere.
The later three were dubbed the "Saints of the Sacred Heart". Guess what Sacré-Cœur means.

Pictures 7 and 8 show the cross by the altar, and the tile work of Jesus on the ceiling.
Picture 10 shows St. Vincent, the evangelizer.
Pictures 11 and 12 shows more tile murals on the Basilica walls.

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