July 26, 2016

Above: A view of the coast along Gold Beach, the location where British troops made their D-Day landing.

Below: Pictures 1 and 2 show the statue in the memorial building and a view towards the chapel.

Pictures 3 to 9 show crosses of fallen American soldiers including ...
Picture 6, the cross for President Theodore Roosevelts oldest son, General Theodore Roosevelt Jr.
Picture 7, the only soldier buried here from World War 1, Quentin Roosevelt, another son of the President.
Picture 8, "Comrade in Arms, known only to God" the wording used for any unknown soldier.

Picture 10, a view from the cemetery to the beach below.
Pictures 11 to 13 show views along the coast at Juno Beach.
Pictures 14 and 15 show the statue of Joan of Arc by the Louvre and a sunset along Rue de Rivoli.

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