July 26, 2015

Above: "The Reclining Nude", by Pierre-Auguste Renoir, composed in a style similar to similar reclining nude works done by Ingres, Tizian and Manet, among others.

Below: Pictures 1 to 4 show statues and a painting of Napoleon Bonaparte on the Museum of the Legion of Honour, right across from Musée d'Orsay.
Picture 5, "The Swing", by Pierre-Auguste Renoir.
Picture 6, "The Cradle", by Berthe Morisot, wife of painter Édouard Manet's brother and one of the original impressionists in their first exhibition in 1874.
Picture 7, "Two Girls at the Piano", by Pierre-Auguste Renoir.
Picture 8, "Julie Manet with Cat", by Pierre-Auguste Renoir. Julie Manet was Berthe Morisot's daughter, who went on to become an art collector and painter herself.
Pictures 10 and 11 show sculptures on the second floor of the museum.

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