August 2011

Île Saint-Louis, a very high end neighbourhood, just east of Île de la Cité the along the Seine River

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The Colonne de Juillet monument in the Bastille square. The Bastille Prison, or Bastille Saint-Antoine that was stormed in 1789, is long gone.

The top of Colonne de Juillet

The Hotel Sully, quite possibly owned and operated by a certain teacher in Brampton. Or not.

Île Saint-Louis

Flower in the park behind Cathédrale Notre-Dame

The Savours of Savoie Restaurant, near Place St. Michel, with very nice fondues

The alter of Église Saint-Séverin, the Gothic church in the main tourist restaurant area, started in the 11th century. It houses the oldest bell in Paris, forged in 1412.

Mary and child statue in Saint-Séverin

A statue in Saint-Séverin

The church had a good number of Polish attendees, and this painting reflects that

Another Statue in Saint-Séverin. Séverin, who is said to have been a hermit, lived there and prayed in a small rudimentary oratory.

A beautiful chapel within Église Saint-Séverin
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