August 2011

Inside the Our Lady of Chartres Cathedral by the alter

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Walking through a park to get to the Cathedral - can you spot the real and the fake people?

The south side of the Cathedral

Very imposing size

Looking towards the Cathedral's north wall and its transept rose window. The transept is a transverse section of the church, which lies across the main body of the building.

The Sancta Camisa, said to be part of the tunic worn by Mary at Christ's birth

The stained glass overlooking the Sancta Camisa

The St. Piat chapel at the rear of the Cathedral

The ornate wooden pulpit

The imposing walls to the top of the cathedral

The north corridor of the Cathedral

North transept porch sculptures

North transept porch sculptures

North transept porch sculptures

Sculpture of Mary and Jesus on the middle door

The middle door of the north transept porch

The St. Piat chapel
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