August 2011

Dr. J was fortunate enough to take a trip in late July and early August to Munich, Salzburg, Amsterdam and Paris.
Here are some pictures from the last three days in Paris and Chartres.

Arriving in Chartres, in town to see Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Chartres (Our Lady of Chartres Cathedral)

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Walking to the Chartres Cathedral, constructed primarily betweeen 1193 and 1250, but begun in the 1140's, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Housing in Chartres

The Cathedral viewed from the south side

Sculpture carvings on the front of the Cathedral

Door sculptures on the north side of the cathedral

Recently restored sculptures by the doors of the north transept porch

The chapel of St. Piat at the rear of the Cathedral

Looking out over Chartres from the rear of the Cathedral grounds

The manicured garden of the Cathedral

Chartres flowers
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