July 20, 2014

Above: An oil pipeline by the side of the Panama Canal and rainforest built above the water.

Below: Picture 1 is a view of the terraced sides of the canal to prevent landslides into the water.
Picture 2 is a tree sloth resting in the shade of the tree leaves to try and beat the heat.
Picture 3 is a Howler Monkey resting in the shade of the tree leaves.
Pictures 4 to 7 are more shots of the Tamarin Monkeys enjoy a mango lunch.
Pictures 8 to 12 shows a Capuchin Monkey waiting for his whole mango. He missed two of them, and was not happy, because he had to
go to the ground and shoreline to get one of them. The Capuchin rarely go to ground because they know crocodiles often lurk nearby.
Picture 13 shows lunch back at the Gamboa Hotel.
Picture 14 shows the memorial at the cemetery remembering the over 22,000 French workers who died building and blasting out the canal.

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