July 19, 2014

Above: There are two lock pathways side by side. The NYK Remus, which was massive, goes through its lock beside us.

Below: Pictures 1 and 2 show the Panama Canal Authority boat, approaching a big ship in the canal.
Pictures 3 and 4 show our boat entering the first Gatun Lock.
Picture 5 shows the yacht and a new boat accompanying us in the Gatun Lock, the Global Rose.
Pictures 6 and 7 show the Global Rose, guided by the "mules", four electric train cars, two on each side, which guide the ship to
keep it from hitting the sides of the lock walls. Each mule is 50 tons, 290 horsepower, built by Mitsubishi and costing $2 million each.
Picture 8 shows a crew person and stylish passenger aboard the yacht.
Picture 8 shows the Gatun Lock wall.
Pictures 10 to 12 show fisheye views of the Global Rose, the yacht and the Gatun Lock wall.

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