July 2011

Dr. J was fortunate enough to take a trip in late July and early August to Munich, Salzburg, Amsterdam and Paris.
Here are some pictures from two days in Munich (properly called Munchen).

Small German town on the train trip from Frankfurt Airport to Munich

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Train station at the Frankfurt airport

Small German town along the way from Frankfurt to Munich

Fertile German farmland

Windmills among the farms, providing electric power to the German power grid

The Munich Hauptbahnhof main train station

View outside the Hauptbahnhof

The Augustiner Brauhaus, where various beyond excellent beers have been brewed by the monks in this monestary, and enjoyed by the Munich faithful since 1382

In the Augustiner hall

German musical entertainment

Brewing kettle and recently rolled up barrel, where fine beverages are poured from

More German musical entertainment

Really great German food is also available here - white sausage, sauerkraut, cabbage, dumplings, half chickens. Note the massive barrels in the wall

Patrons enjoy the culture inside the Augustiner hall
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