July 19, 2015

Above: The defeated bull from the 1st match is dragged out of the stadium.

Below: Picture 1 shows the front of the Plaza de Toros stadium.
Picture 2 shows the picadors parading the stadium prior to the bullfights.
Pictures 3 and 4 shows one bandillero warming up before his match, and one running away from a charging bull as fast as he can move.
Picture 5 shows a cocky first matador.
Pictures 7 to 9 shows matador number two preening and then killing his bull.
Picture 10 shows a fleet bandillero running to the wall after sticking the bull with flags.
Picture 11 shows matador 3 at work in the 3rd match.
Pictures 12 to 14 show bull 4 and 5 getting thrust by the picador.
Picture 15 shows matador 2 in the 5th match feeling confident.
Picture 16 shows bull 6 getting thrust by the picador on the bull's second run at the horse, despite severe mounds of flesh removed.
Note the hooks at the end of the picadors pole, to enhance the damage to the bull's muscles and flesh.

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