July 19, 2015

Above: The matador in Stage 3 entices the wounded bull through a series of passes in the 2nd match. The 2nd matador loved to show off by fighting the bull from his knees.

Below: Picture 1 shows bull number 2 angry and ready to charge anything that moves, so the boys hide behind a gate.
Pictures 3 and 4 show a bandillero working and tiring out the bull.
Picture 5 shows a successful sticking of the flags in the bull during Stage 2 (three sets of 2 flags are put into the bull).
Pictures 6 to 8 shows Stage 3 has the matador working the tired bull.
Pictures 9 to 11 shows the successful takedown of the bull on the first attempt, the puntillero twisting in the dagger to make
sure the bull is dead and the team of horses dragging the dead bull once around the stadium before removing it.
Picture 12 shows the mariachi band which plays a few notes at key points during the match.

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