July 2009

Leaving the craptacular weather in Ontario that was supposed to be our summer, I traveled to rugged and beautiful Iceland. The capital is Reykjavik, where about 210,000 out of the island's 320,000 inhabitants live. Temperatures average highs of 2 C. in the winter, and 16 C. in the summer, and during my trip, seven of the eight full days had highs between 15 and 20 C, and very warm sun, such that I didn't need a jacket except to go on the boat for the whale watch tour. But my last full day had a mega-windy high of 8 C., and much less in the morning, and it was ridiculously cold.

The plane lands in Keflavik in the southwest corner of the island, and its a 40 minute bus ride into to the city. The pictures below contain scenery on the drive to Reykjavik from the airport, and the last three are buildings in the city.
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