Mt. Vesuvius and Napoli
July 19, 2013

Mt. Vesuvius decimated Pompei and other small towns in 79 A.D., but it's been erupting periodically ever since. The last time an eruption occurred was 1944, destroying three villages. In 1906, an eruption killed over 100 people, with a couple of small eruptions between the two. So Vesuvius is due, and according to a ranger on the mountain trail, experts expect the next eruption to be big. I'm glad I saw the mountain already.

Above: Looking down into Naples, from the final kilometre walk up Mt. Vesuvius

Pictures 1 to 3 are views of Mt. Vesuvius from the bus up the mountain, to drop us at the trail to walk up Mt. Vesuvius
Pictures 4 to 11 are views into Naples and the valley below Mt. Vesuvius, and the walk up the quite nicely kept trail

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