July 27, 2013

Pictures 1 to 4, La comtesse Skavronskaia (a noble lady related to the Russian royal family in 1796), Self-Portrait with Her Daughter, Julie,
   Mademoiselle Raymondand Self-Portrait in a Turban with Her Child, by Louise Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun
Picture 6, King Louis XIV, one of several paintings of key figures in the Gold room
Picture 8, Portrait of Madame Flandrin, by Hippolyte Flandrin
Pictures 9 and 10, Comtesse Regnault de Saint-Jean d'Angely and Psyche and Cupid, by François Gérard
Picture 11, Portrait of Nora Dempsey, by Jean-Antoine Gros
Pictures 12 to 14, La Cruche Cassée, The Milkmaid and The Dead Bird, by Jean Baptiste Greuze

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