July 27, 2013

Pictures 1 and 2, The Virgin and Child with St. John the Baptist, then Isabel de Requesens both by Raffaello Sanzio (Raphael)
Pictures 3 to 6 are paintings from Guido Reni, starting with David Slays Goliath (#4), L'Annociation and The Purification of the Virgin (#6)
Picture 8, Innocence, Portrait of Nancy Graham, by Sir Henry Raeburn
Picture 9, Portrait of the Children of Ayscoghe Boucherett, by Sir Thomas Lawrence
Picture 10, The Crucifixion, by Spanish artist El Greco
Picture 11, La Infanta Margarita, by Diego Velasquez
Picture 12, the high ceilings in the French paintings wing of the Louvre
Picture 13, Jeanne d'Arc, by Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres

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