Dominican Republic
July 6, 2016

On Day 6, it was back to the beach. But first, we all headed to the buffet for breakfast. On most days, groups of 2 or 3 or 4 ate together, whoever happened to show at the restaurant the same time as someone else, but today the majority of the group happened to show up around 9 a.m. and so a large group ate together (pictures 1 to 4). Picture 5 is the front of the Mikado Restaurant, the quite nice Japanese restaurant I enjoyed a few nights before. After breakfast, I went shopping in the extensive shopping area on the resort property - about 12 shops and about 10 kiosks in the centre with agressive salesmen trying to sell their wares (pictures 6, 7 and the panoramic). On the way to my room, I went by the two pools in the centre of the resort, about halfway between the hotel lobby and the beach. They were packed daily (pictures 9 to 12). Early afternoon it was off to the beach.

For supper, I went to the buffet, which had many of the regular items like fish, chicken, potatoes etc. but today had quite delicious chinese and japanese food, probably the best night at the buffet I experienced. After dinner, I attended the last of the five shows I saw at the Resort, Life In Motion, a dance show maybe not as good as Azuka, but better than the Bahia International Show dance presentation. This one featured a lot of acro but two quite nicely choreographed ballet slow dance numbers. The show was closer to the style of dance shows at St. Thomas Aquinas, which is a good thing. Picture 8 shows the wide variety of entertainment available in various venues.

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