Dominican Republic
July 5, 2016

On Day 5, Mom, Scott, Heather and myself took a tour of the capital of the Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo. In the country of 10 million people, Santo Domingo has about 3 million of them. The tour featured a visit to the Alcázar de Colón (the first residence of the son of Christopher Columbus), the Iglesia Santa Barbara, the Basilica Catedral Santa Maria de la Encarnacion (Santa María la Menor), also referred to as the Catedral Primada de America ( the first cathedral in the Americas) and the Cueva de los Tres Ojos (Three Eyes Caves).

And shopping. Unlike the Mega Truck tour, which featured quick and minimal shopping, this tour never missed an opportunity to end up in a place to shop. Actually the longest stop on the tour was a 45 minute stop at what was billed as the market, but it was just a huge store to buy paintings, carvings, numerous souvenirs, cigars and jewelry made of blue larimar and amber.

Pictures 4 to 10 below show the first shopping opportunity in La Ramona, about an hour out of Punta Cana and almost 2 hours from Santo Domingo.

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