Dominican Republic
July 4, 2016

For dinner, it was the Japanese Restaurant, the Mikado, and featured "Teppanyaki" or Hibachi service, where the cook prepares the food right at the table. Supposedly that method of cooking did not originate in Japan, but in California with Benihana.

We started with a choice of sushi or tempura vegetables, and my sushi was truly excellent. For the main course, instead of only being allowed to pick one item from salmon, shrimp, beef, chicken, we could sample a bit of each, and I had salmon, shrimp and a bit of beef with vegetable medley and rice. It was very tasty. For desert, I chose the fried ice cream, which was quite good, although I could feel my arteries clogging on the spot. Another drink from the lobby bar (the best bar in the resort complex) before bedtime fixed that.

Today was the 4th of July, so the lobby featured a patriotic American display of classes and more beverages that broke later in the evening.

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