July 23, 2015

Above: The Barcelona beaches, about 10 minutes south of my hotel.

Below: Picture 1, Pablo Picasso's self portrait in 1896, when he was 15 years old.
Picture 2, Picasso's portrait of his mother, 1896.
Picture 3, Picasso's "First Communion", 1896, based on his sister Lola's first communion, with the man at her side modeled
either on their father or on Dr. Vilches, a doctor and a friend of the family. The young altar boy is Pere, Vilches' son.
Picture 4, Picasso's "Man Head to Greco", 1899, in the style of Spanish painter El Greco.
Picture 5, Picasso's "Margot" or "The Wait", a quite nice painting sort of in the pointillist style.

Picture 6, Picasso's portrait of the young princess Margarita Teresa, daughter of King Felipe (Phillip) IV who married at age 15
King Leopold I of Austria, her uncle, cousin and 11 years her senior, but her marriage was reported to be happy, as both loved
theatre and music. After giving birth to four children, and weakened by many miscarriages, Margaret Theresa died at the age of 21.

Picture 7 shows a narrow street near the Picasso Museum.

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