July 10, 2017

Above: Walking through the historical Plaka district, the front of the Athens Cathedral, The Metropolitan Cathedral of the Annunciation, above the entrance.

1 is a description of the Greek Hellenistic period of 386-323 B.C.

2 and 3 are a description and the ruins of the Temple of Apollo in the Ancient Agora.

4 is walking back through the Monastiraki Market.

5 to 12 show the exterior and interior of the Athens Cathedral, built 1842-1862.

9 shows the Reliquary containing the relics of Saint Gregory V of Constantinople, elected Ecumenical Patriarch in 1797 but deported to Mount Athos, Greece in 1798,
reelected 1806 and exiled to Prince Islands then Mount Athos in 1810, reelected 1818 and taken out after April 22, 1821 mass and hanged by order of the Sultan
(blamed by the Sultan for not being able to control the Greek uprising), body displayed for two days, and the Constantinople Greek population massacred.

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